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Product Review: The best way to get your toddler to sleep on the plane

Taking your family on an international trip is supposed to be an exciting, even exhilarating occasion. You’re sharing an adventure, a long-awaited holiday and creating new memories which will last a lifetime. However, if you’ve traveled with your toddler or child in economy class on long haul flights, you’ll know: 


The moment kids get restless and can’t get comfortable, tantrums and tears are inevitable.
I bet if you’ve been in this situation you’ll be familiar with at least one of the following:


  • You cringe when the friendly flight attendant hands your child a packet of mini color pencils because you know you’ll spend the next 11 hours searching for them on the floor.
  • Your child finally falls sleep out of pure exhaustion curled up across your lap.
  • Forget toilet breaks or stretching out your legs – risking deep vein thrombosis is worth your child catching at least an hour of sleep.
  • Or your worst nightmare comes to life: your tired and frustrated child has a major meltdown on the flight, and while you’re trying your hardest to calm them down, you secretly pray they won’t become a viral star on YouTube. 
Not only are these situations unbelievably stressful, they can ultimately put you off flying economy class with children altogether. 

But don’t be put off just yet! A Swiss-Australian mom of 2 energetic boys also struggled with long-haul economy class flights. And “saying no” to visiting friends and family on the other side of the world was simply not an option. 

Instead this mother did what all moms of toddlers do to prevent meltdowns: she found a way to get rid of all the things that made her kids irritable, and uncomfortable on flights. 

But Flyaway Kids Bed is not just about happy kids – its innovative design also has parents in mind, and tackles all the little problems adults experience sitting next to their children on long distance flights. 


Honestly, Flyaway Kids Bed is a game changer for kids and parents alike, and any parent with a child under 8 years would be mad to travel long-distance without it!


About Flyaway Kids Bed

The product is designed to provide a comfortable, clean and practical space for kids to sleep and play on flights. And it achieves this using inflatable technology like that found in stand-up paddle boards. In a nut-shell, Flyaway Kids Bed is an inflatable bed that sits on top of your child’s seat and extends over their legroom to give them a play area of up to 80cm long!

Its light weight and compact design means you can easily pop it inside your own carry-on luggage. It acts as a booster seat so your little-one can see out the window or enjoy their meal with the tray-table at the perfect height. 


This little mattress has so many amazing features, you’ll wonder how you ever flew without it.
Flyaway Kids Bed


It provides a hygienic place for your child to lay their head (away from nasty germs and what-ever else may live on top of plane seats... eeewwww). 

Its kid-friendly surface can be wiped clean in case of spills during the flight. Its side bumpers keep everything your child needs during the flight close at hand. 

And one of the things I love the most: it stops toys and coloring pencils from rolling onto the floor mid-flight! 

With safety in mind, this product features a pressure relief valve, which means that air is automatically released if pressure changes within the plane’s cabin.


And for mom’s and dads - it frees-up space in front of your child’s seat so you can enjoy extra legroom!


Flyaway Kids Bed is easily stored under the seat for take-off and landing, and once the seatbelt signs are turned off the fun begins. 

Setting up the product is super easy – it comes with a cute hand-held pump that lets you inflate the product on top of your child’s seat in under 2 minutes. 

Simply place the mattress between your child’s seat and the passenger’s seat in front. Inflate the main chamber via valve 1 – you’ll know it’s fully inflated when air is automatically released from the pressure relief valve. Then secure it in place between the seats by pumping up the top compartment via valve 2. And there you have it – the perfect bed or leg rest for kids! 


And this is when you’ll fall in love with this product!


I’ll never forget how my toddler giggled with joy the first time I lifted her onto her new airplane bed.  She looked so comfortable, and her contagious smile was such a relief that I could feel my stress melting away.


My little one has been flying since she was a baby, and I must admit I didn’t have major concerns when she was little. She was able to sleep in the airline’s bassinet, and apart from always having to lift her out whenever there was turbulence, our trips were usually quite stress-free. 

Come toddler-hood and my peaceful baby girl is now blessed with bundles of energy, a passion to explore, and a mighty will of her own (perhaps just a little bit like mummy!). And while I love her strong character, the thought of doing an 11-hour flight with her sends shivers up my back. 

I’ve read all the horror stories of kids having melt-downs in planes, or ruining family holidays because everyone arrives so tired and grumpy that they can’t enjoy their long-awaited holiday. So when I was given the opportunity to review Flyaway Kids Bed, I was feeling anxious, and optimistic all rolled into one. 

But I must admit that Flyaway Kids Bed changes EVERYTHING and looking back I really had no reason to worry. 

Flyaway Kids Bed is so easy to use that you’ll wonder how you ever lived without this travel accessory.


My little-one had a good 7-hour sleep and even I enjoyed a snooze with my legs stretched out on an angle taking advantage of the extra legroom under her seat.


Actually, we only woke-up when the cabin lights came on for the breakfast service. And this was when I could tell Flyaway Kids Bed was designed by a fellow mom! With my daughter sitting on the Kids Bed, the airplane tray-table was at a kid-friendly height and my daughter was able to sit comfortably to enjoy her meal. Also, I loved that the side bumpers kept all her small toys and coloring in pencils within easy reach for the rest of the flight. 


Here is a summary of features you’ll love! 


Can be used by children aged 2-7 years and supports a maximum weight of 50kg / 110lbs. 

Expands to fit ALL economy class seats and seat pitches 

Is quick to inflate in just 90 seconds and deflates in an instant.

Can be wiped clean during the flight 

Stop toys from rolling onto the floor 

Is packed in a handy carry bag with pump included 

Is perfect for packing in carry-on luggage 

Weighs just 1.3kg / 2.8lbs and measures 25cm x 25cm x 10cm when deflated.


Flyaway Kids Bed


And here’s why airlines love the product: 


The mompreneur who invented it included feedback loops with the International Air Transport Association (IATA) to make sure it met their strict guidelines for inflight comfort devices.


It’s the FIRST and ONLY inflatable inflight product that features an emergency pressure release valve that AUTOMATICALLY releases air if the cabin suddenly loses pressure.


Its clever, and super safe design does not to block access to life vests, air vents or electrical equipment under seats. And it has patented quick release valves that allow the product to be deflated in seconds. 


But don’t forget: 


This product can’t be used during taxi, take-off, or landing. Also, you need to make sure you book your child either a window seat or the centre seats in a row of 4 on larger planes to be able to use this product. You can also use it on bulk-head seats, which is great if you're a mum of 2 flying with a baby and toddler.


Flyaway Kids Bed is one of those products that I would recommend in a heart-beat.  It allows your child to stretch out to sleep and play in comfort on a flat-bed – essentially offering first class travel in economy!


This product has completely changed my mind about flying with toddlers. My daughter loves flying on her Flyaway Kids Bed and I would recommend this product to any parent who dreams about having a peaceful flight. 

For more information about Flyaway Kids Bed visit their website at


And have a fantastic flight!


Cathy Watson 
Editor: Travel Talk



Disclosure: Flyaway Kids bed was provided at a discount to the author, however all opinions are the author’s own. 

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