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A little preparation goes a long way to ensuring a stress-free flight. And nobody wants to unpack a new product and wonder how it works - even if you have 12 hours in a plane to figure it out! So before you fly, inflate Flyaway Kids Bed to test it out, and leave it inflated overnight to air-out.

Flyaway Kids Bed weights just 1.3 kg / 2.8 pounds and the box that contains the product, pump and carry bag measures 25cm x 24cm x 9cm / 9.8in x 9.4in x 3.5in. Don’t forget to pack Flyaway Kids Bed in your carry-on luggage or you’ll be hunting for it during your flight.

And just so you know, Flyaway Kids Bed is designed with Security Checks in mind: it doesn’t contain any metal parts, and the pump is deliberately transparent so it can't conceal liquids.



Once the plane is in cruise mode and the seatbelt sign has been turned off, you can unpack and set up Flyaway Kids Bed. But before you do, make sure you move the seatbelt out of the way on the seat.

Flyaway Kids Bed’s unique design means it is adjustable to fit all economy and premium economy class seats. Inflate the main compartment via Valve 1. and then inflate the adjustable top compartment as much as possible via Valve 2. Simply push any material that is not able to be inflated into the space between the product and the seat back so that it is out of the way and comfortable for your child to use.

Only inflate the product using valves marked 1 and 2.The third valve is a pressure relief valve that ensures the product cannot be over-inflated. The pressure relief valve will automatically release air to adjust the pressure inside the product during the flight. The airlines LOVE this feature!

Make sure your child is wearing their seatbelt through-out the flight either around their waist when sitting, or around their chest and underneath their arms if laying. During turbulence, the seatbelt light is turned on and your child will need to be in the seated position with the seatbelt fastened firmly around their waist.

It's nice to know that the person in front won’t be affected by your child using Flyaway Kids Bed. They’ll be able to recline their seat normally, as the product will release air automatically if it’s compressed. Don’t let your child sleep with their head towards the tray table though, as a sudden recline of the seat in front may bump their head.

In the rare case of an emergency, you will be instructed by cabin crew to deflate the product. Flyaway Kids Bed is designed with 3 quick release valves which deflate in seconds.

Laptops and other products that release heat, must not be used or left laying on top of Flyaway Kids Bed. Also, even though the product is made from an extremely durable material, sharp objects should never be used nearby to prevent punctures.

Finally, children must be supervised at all times when sleeping and playing on the Flyaway Kids Bed. And of course don’t allow your kids to jump on it - no matter how much extra energy they need to burn off!