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Imagine a stress-free flight!

Flyaway Kids Bed is an award-winning product that changes the way children fly, by creating a comfortable place for them to sleep and play on planes.

And happy kids = happy parents!

The product is designed and engineered in Switzerland and it:

  • Inflates in 90 seconds and deflates in an instant,
  • Can be wiped clean during the flight,
  • Stops toys from rolling onto the floor,
  • Is packed in a handy carry bag with pump included,
  • Weighs 1.3 kg or 2.8 lbs
  • Deflated dimensions: 25cm x 25cm or 10in x 10in 
  • Inflated dimensions: 80cm x 50cm or 31.5in x 19.5in (it adjusts to fit all economy, premium economy and bulk-head seats).
  • Is loved by airlines as it meets the International Air Transport Association’s (IATA’s) strict guidelines for inflight comfort devices.

10 USD. Orders to the USA will be delivered by DHL in 2-4 working days, and 4 - 10 working days for orders to the rest of the world by DHL. 

Please note: customs or duties are not included in the shipping fee. Find an estimation of these fees here!

Customer Reviews

Based on 121 reviews
Love, Love, Love this product!

The Flyaway Kids Bed is a terrific product for a little one to sleep comfortably on a long plane ride. It is really easy to use – it extends the seat for our toddler so he can lay flat to sleep, which is very convenient for long flights. It also has the added advantage of raising his height a few inches so he can more easily look out the window during the flight and it totally removes the opportunity to kick the seat in front of us (an unexpected blessing).

Great alternative to holding a baby on the plane

Airplane seats are already uncomfortable, but holding a baby while they sleep on a plane is a whole new level of discomfort. These inflatable cushions are used for babies through toddlers and can allow them to sleep comfortably on airplanes. Simply inflate and place them in between the seats. The Flyaway Kids Bed is worth the investment if you travel a lot. https://ergobaby.com/blog/2021/09/top-25-products-for-traveling-with-a-baby/

Kristin A.
Absolutely AMAZING!!! MUST Have for flights with toddlers.

I was waiting to post a review until I actually used this product. I just took two plane rides - each 4-5 hours on after the other, with a toddler and this was the best thing we purchased for our entire trip. He was able to play and nap on it and when we had an overnight flight coming home, he was able to sleep the ENTIRE time. I had a friend that made that same trip with a 2.5 year old that did not sleep very long at all. While each child is different, I do think this made a HUGE difference. Seriously if you are having any doubts about purchasing, don't! It is AMAZING.

Good travel product!

We purchased two flyaway kids beds for our 3 and 5 year-olds for our 9 hour international overnight flight and they worked well. Both of our kids are tall for their age so they both had to sleep curled up in the fetal position, but they were still more comfortable than they would have been just in their seats. The product was easy to inflate and deflate and did not disturb other passengers. We used it in the middle row of four in the plane and the Iberia flight attendants had no problem with it. Both flyaway beds deflated in their individual bags with their pumps as well and then those two small bags fit inside one of our carry-ons along with additional snacks, toys, pajamas and water bottles, so they are very compact to carry-on, even within other carryon bags as we did. I just wish we had purchased this 4 years ago as soon as our babies no longer flew in the aircraft bassinet!

Ciprian I.

Very useful