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They may look cute, but flying with these two was anything but fun!

As a Swiss-Australian mum with two energetic boys, I’ve personally experienced the immense struggles of flying long-haul with kids...

I’ve spent flights searching for toy cars and coloring pencils under seats with my iPhone torch, I’ve held off going to the bathroom for hours because I didn’t want to wake sleeping boys stretched out across my lap. I’ve suffered through tired mid-flight tantrums, wiped down sticky plane seats... and just knew there had to be an easier way!

And so, Flyaway Kids Bed was born. I have 12 years experience in Product Marketing and Product Development, as well as a background in the Travel Industry, so I felt confident that I could find a solution to help kids sleep and play on planes that both parents and airlines would love. 

I involved IATA and Cabin Safety Managers from major airlines around the world in the design and prototyping phase for the product. And with their help, created an award-winning product that changes the way kids fly by transforming their economy class seat into a comfortable bed, while keeping the invaluable floor space for inflight storage.

It’s a game-changer for parents flying with kids. And is now accepted on over 50 airlines around the world!

I'm sure you'll love using Flyaway Kids Bed as much as we do!