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About Flyaway Designs

They may look cute, but flying with these two was anything but fun!

As a Swiss-Australian mom with two energetic boys, I've experienced the struggles of long-haul flights with kids.

I've searched for toys under seats, avoided bathroom breaks to not wake my sleeping boys, and dealt with mid-flight tantrums. I knew there had to be an easier way!

That's why I created Flyaway Kids Bed. With 12 years in Product Marketing and Development and a Travel Industry background, I was confident I could find a solution.

Working with IATA and airline safety managers, I designed an award-winning product that transforms an economy seat into a comfy bed, perfect for kids to sleep and play on planes.

It's a game-changer for parents and is now accepted on over 50 airlines worldwide!

I'm sure you'll love using Flyaway Kids Bed as much as we do!

Wishing you a wonderful flight!

Debra Pally


Flyaway Designs