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You can use the Flyaway Kids Bed on board over 40 airlines, with the number of airlines accepting this product for use growing every day! The Founder of Flyaway Kids Bed is working directly with the Cabin Safety Officers from over 100 airlines for these approvals and sometimes it takes some time for airlines to conduct their required engineering, cabin safety and company level confirmations before we can announce that it is accepted onboard. Please email contact@flyawaydesigns.com if you would like to be updated when Flyaway Kids Bed is accepted for use on your favorite airline.

A unique feature of the Flyaway Kids Bed, is that it includes separate adjustable air compartments that can be inflated to ensure it fits securely on all economy class seats from all airlines. The length can adjust up to 80cm long and the width adjusts to inflate the space available on the seat between the arm rests, ensuring the product stays firmly in place throughout the flight. It's also perfect to use on bulk-head bassinet seats. On some airlines with limited legroom, the compartment inflated by valve 2 will not need to be inflated, or only partially inflated.

The Flyaway Kids Bed is intended for use on window seats or if the airline features 2 aisles, it may also be used on seats in the center of a middle row. It can also be used on bulk-head seats (seats with a bassinet).

Please make sure you book your seats accordingly as many airlines only permit the use of Flyaway Kids Bed on seats in these locations so that emergency escape routes are not obstructed.

The Flyaway Kids Bed is considered a “carry-on” equipment and an in-flight sleeping aid (same as inflatable pillows) and is not regulated by aviation authorities including the FAA / EASA or CASA. In January 2018 the International Air Transport Authority (IATA) issued best practices and recommended guidelines to assist airlines to decide if inflight devices should be permitted onboard or not. The Flyaway Kids Bed was proudly designed with input from IATA to ensure it meets all of IATA’s strict criteria for inflatable comfort devices.


Never-the-less, each airline may set their own rules based on staff training and aircraft type. We always recommend that travelers check the airline’s website or contact the airline directly regarding the use of the comfort device Flyaway Kids Bed before you fly.

The Flyaway Kids Bed is recommended for use by children ages 2-7 years. The maximum bearing weight is 50kg /110lbs, as air will automatically be released from the emergency pressure relief valve above this limit. The maximum height for use is 130cm / 4 feet, 3 inches and it depends greatly on airline seat pitch (the space each airline has between seats) whether the child can lay down, curl-up or stretch out their legs with their seat in recline.  On most long-haul aircrafts children up to 110cm / 3 feet 7 inches will be able to lay or curl up for a comfortable sleep. Taller children will enjoy stretching out their legs with their seat in recline for a comfortable sleep. 

Don’t worry, we designed the Flyway Kids Bed for long-haul flights with this in mind. The product is made of a highly durable material and will adjust to fit the space available. The pressure relief valve located on the side of the product will automatically release air pressure to adjust if required.

During the flight your child may change position as they please on the Flyaway Kids Bed – for sleeping, eating and playing. It is always recommended for them to wear their seatbelt, including when they are sleeping, in case of sudden turbulence during the flight.

Do not let your child sleep with their head under the tray table, as a sudden recline of the seat in front may cause the tray table to bump their head.

Children must never put excessive weight or jump on the bed, and they must be supervised at all times when sleeping and playing on the Flyaway Kids Bed.

Products which release heat should not be used or left laying on top of the Flyaway Kids Bed (e.g. laptops). Also even though the product is made from durable, sport equipment quality PVC, sharp objects should never be used near the product to prevent punctures.

The bed can be inflated in approximately 90 seconds and deflated in seconds via 3 quick release air valves. It’s best to have a practice with the pump at home before flying.

Our policy lasts 14 days. Unfortunately if 14 days have gone by since your purchase was delivered, we can’t offer you a refund or exchange.

Please note the list of approved airlines provided on this website is correct to our best knowledge and is applicable when the product is used in the correct locations on the aircraft (window seats and center of rows of 4 on larger planes). Airline refusal of use onboard your flight is not considered grounds for a refund as Cabin Crew will always have the final say on any item used on board their aircraft.

To be eligible for a return, your item must be in the original, unopened box, and in the same condition that you received it.

To complete your return, please email contact@flyawaydesigns.com with your order number and proof of purchase.

Once your return is received and inspected, we will send you an email to notify you that we have received your returned item. We will also notify you of the approval or rejection of your refund.

If you are approved, then your refund will be processed, and a credit will automatically be applied to your credit card or original method of payment, within 5 days.

We only replace items if they are defective due to manufacturer fault. If you need to exchange your product, send us an email at contact@flyawaydesigns.com for next steps.

To return your product, you will receive a prepaid returns label.

If you receive a refund, the cost of return shipping will be deducted from your refund ($40usd).

Products which are rented out are not eligible for exchange or refund as they are not subjected to normal wear and tear. Requests for refunds and exchanges from such companies will be declined as we are not able to confirm the date of purchase due to multiple orders.

For peace of mind you can call, message or email your airline’s customer service line to let them know that you plan to use the product for the cruise portion of your flight - not for take-off or landing.

It would be best if your child is booked on a window seat so they don't block anyone's exit. Or if the airline features two aisles, it may also be used on seats in the center of a middle row. It can also be used on bulk-head seats (seats with a bassinet). Two Flyaway Kids Beds can be used next to each other as long as they don’t block anyone’s exit. E.g. a window and middle seat with a parent sitting in the aisle seat. Or two products can be used on the middle two seats in a row of four.    

If they ask for details about the product you can let them know:


·  Inflated dimensions: 80cm x 50cm / 31.5in x 9.5in (it adjusts to fit all economy, premium economy and bulk-head seats)

·  It does not require an FAA approval as it is classified as a comfort device, but it meets the International Air Transport Association’s (IATA’s) strict guidelines for inflight comfort devices

·  It does not block electrical equipment of life vests under seats

·  It features a pressure release valve in case the cabin loses pressure during the flight

·  It doesn't impact the inflight experience of surrounding passengers, and the seat in front can recline as normal.


Yes! You can see photos of parents using it for their babies, toddlers and children in the reviews section of our website.

We recommend using the product from 2 years, as this is the age toddlers require a seat.

It can of course be used by toddlers and babies younger than 2, but they would need to have their own seat.