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Valery T.
Great purchase! Totally worth it.

Game changing when flying with my baby!

alexandra l.

Absolutely loved using this for our trip to Hawaii. We usually get max 45 mins of napping on a plane for our two year old. With the flyaway bed, he slept 2 plus hours both ways! On the flight home, he kept asking for us to pump it up so he could lay down and sleep. A MUST for those who want an easier flight with kids!

alison e.
A must when flying with babies/toddlers

This bed is fantastic, even for someone flying with a baby and able to use the airlines bassinet I would recommend getting a seat for the baby and getting the flyaway (if able to afford ).
When the babies are in the bassinets and there’s turbulence you have to take them out which then wakes them up, with the flyaway you can fasten the seat belt over the bed without disturbing the baby!
It has a cushioned pillow built in so no need to take any other sheets or pillows or bedding, we used the airlines blankets and that was enough.
It blows up so fast with the pump and deflates super fast to be put away in the handy bag.
It’s got lovely soft material so it’s not cold to touch and the quality is amazing.

So glad I found this !!

Erica S.
Loved it

Made the international trip so much easier!

A must have product for travellers with kids!

As parents we are super happy with the Flyaway kids bed. It is an amazing product when travelling with your kids. The bed fits perfectly within the seat and in matter of seconds you have a full flat bed that not only allows your kid sleep more comfortable and more hours but also as parents be able to relax and also get some rest.
Different from other products that are a sort of kids carry-on, the Flyaway bed when deflated fits easily in any backpack.

Best thing EVER! Flying long haul with a 2 year old!

This product was a game changer on our longhaul flight from Brisbane to the UK.
We flew with Qatar and there was no problem.
The device was quick to inflate and deflate. Our 2 year old slept on it and I even managed to get comfy along side him as I popped my legs on the end next to him.
He played and watched his tablet on it for long periods too.
Couldn't go without it now! Saved our sanity!

Milana B.
US to Beirut and back

We bought this bed in preparation for our overseas flight from US to Beirut with a 19mo. I am so so happy with the purchase. We used it on multiple United flights as well as Middle East Airlines with no problems abd even had another family come up and ask us what it was. Our child slept for the whole 7h flight on this bed. Didnt like to play on it while awake bc he likes standing between the seats too much so we only used it for naps/sleep but it was 100% worth it. Both United and MEA were not on the approved airlines list but we had no problems and from reading other reviews, neither did others. So thankful for this product as the alternative was our son sleeping in my arms for the duration of the flights!

Consu V.
Amazing, worth every penny!!

The flyaway kids bed is so easy to inflate and deflate! You can carry it in a very small bag (comes with the product) when deflated and it fits perfectly on the airplane seat. I traveled before without this product and it was terrible since my toddler didn't find a comfortable position to be able to stay asleep. This made flying a great experience, toddler can stay asleep for hours and we also changed her clothes and diapers without having to use the tiny changing table of the bathroom. I have recommended this product to everyone I know!


Excellent oroduct

We recently flew to Sri Lanka from London on Sri Lankan airlines and this product was fabulous! My daughter who is 2years slept soundly and comfortably during the majority of the overnight flight and 3 hours during the daytime flight. She was also super comfy and played on it safely. Highly recommend this product.

Amazing product

100% worth it to have our toddler be able to lie flat on our trip overseas. One of our flights our toddler had the middle seat and we actually loved having it there also bc even though he ended up laying across it horizontally, the added elevation made it so he could lie across my husband and I with the bed propping up his middle. Perfect product!

Marija D.
Baby’s first class!

Omg! Where to start?! This is the best purchase that i ever made for my little one so far. We travel from USA to Europe, which means we have at least 9 hours non stop flight. My kid sleeps almost whole light comfortably. I don’t have to hold her on me, also i can get some rest as well. It feels like first class in economy lol. I am that amazed that i bought another one as a gift. Assembly is easy, it takes about few minutes and also it can fit in backpack. Thanks for this invention! Grateful mom!



Toddler First Class Seat

My almost 3 year old slept 5-6 hours on Fiji Airways both ways. It was like she had a first class seat! Easy to set up and deflate. Highly recommend!

Jessica D.

Absolutely perfect ....bought this for my 20month old and he slept the whole nightime flight. Would highly recommend

Amazing Product

This is the perfect product when flying! Easy to assemble, compact to carry on. My daughter enjoyed sleeping on it and playing on it. Additionally, Debra and the team at Flyaway have been super helpful in answering my questions. I highly recommend using this product. Hopeful that all airlines will accept the use of this kit.

Fabulous Purchase!!

This product is incredible!!! Our 2 year old had a comfy seat to fly cross country and slept the entire 5 hour flight home. This would have been impossible and required a parent to hold him without this inflatable bed! We brought some comfy blankets and swaddle for a sheet to tuck in and it didn’t budge! Set up the iPad on the seat back in front of him add some bottles of milk and snacks a favorite book or two and you’re golden! We didn’t need the iPad or books for the return flight though! Recommend 100%.

Rebecca S.
Excellent product

We used this bed on a cross-country flight with our 1-year old. It was very easy to transport, set up, and our 1-year old was able to sleep during both of the flights! We are thrilled with this product - it really is a lifesaver!

Kids loved it and so did we!

I have a 6 yr old and 2.5yr old and it made the flight so much more enjoyable. We live in Alaska and all flights out take forever or we have layovers or it’s a red eye. I will never fly without these now that we have them. Worked like dream with 2.5yr old. We were able to make it work with 6 yr old too. Either way it allowed her to stretch out her legs sleep sideways. I 100% recommend. Very easy to assemble and deflate.

Never go without this!

I just arrived to Brazil from Washington state. Both flights I inflated the bed for my daughter to use (she is 4 years old, weighs about 40lbs). It worked wonders! She slept both flights. The one flight to Brazil she slept most of the flight.
She did run out of leg room a little bit, but she figured out how to move in the bed to make it work.
She loved watching movies while laying there as well.
Buy it. Share it. And don’t ever forget to use it on airplane rides!!

Nuria T.
Great bed

Great bed and very easy to install :)

Ezequiel F.

The product worked incredible and our baby slept for most of the trip.

Sydney A.
Daytime Long Haul Necessity

I was dreading the long haul Sydney-Los Angeles flight leaving at 10am (PRIME awake time for my 9 month and 2 year old). After take-off, I immediately blew up both beds, which definitely took less than 90 seconds each, and slid them into place. Man-o-man was this such an amazing device that saved so many objects falling to the ground, including their heads when sleeping. My 9m had two naps and a 7h sleep and my 2y had one nap and a 7h sleep as well. The beds made it easy to read books, watch ipad, play with mini figs, play peek-a-boo with the seats behind us, and stay safe as the seatbelts easily came over during turbulence. Once it came to landing, it was super easy to deflate and put back into the bag. Very thankful we bought a bed for each child as my original thought of just sharing one bed would not have worked, especially with how versatile the thing is. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!

sabrina r.
Amazing !!

Took my daughter on a 15 Horus flight from LÁ to Sydney and she used the fly away the entire time. She slept about 8 hours on it. Best Buy ever!

Buy the flyaway bed

We bought the flyaway bed for use with our one-year-old on an overnight international flight. He slept EIGHT HOURS straight on it! Then he woke up and played on the bed. Needless to say, I was a very happy mommy. It was easy to blow up and also to deflate and put away. I have since recommended the flyaway to many friends.