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Davin Y.
Worth the Money

We purchased the flyaway bed after looking at various options available. We were taking a trip from Hawaii to Florida (11 hour flight) and needed something for our 6 year old. Set up was easy and putting it away was just as easy. Very glad we got this!

Pudding I.
Get this now.

I purchased this after looking at lots of other flight options for a 19-hour direct flight from the US--> Singapore last month. I was flying Singapore Airlines with my 2 yr old toddler who had never really flown before (thanks COVID) and was plenty apprehensive as you can imagine. I practiced inflating and deflating at home, packed loads of snacks and toys and crossed my fingers. THIS THING WAS WORTH ITS WEIGHT IN GOLD. From the moment I was allowed to set it up on the plane, I did and my toddler played on it happily, bits of toys did not fall off thanks to the raised sides and then she slept a full 8 hours on the way there. On the way back, she also managed to sleep and play on it. If the airline you are flying allows it, GET IT. Thats all I can really say. It is an investment but even if this is the only set of flights I could use it for, it was well worth it.

Polina S.
Will get one more for the next baby

Swapped my Jetkids suitcase for this inflatable mattress in a heartbeat before our 14-hour trip and it was the right choice.
I was travelling alone with a 15-month old who never sleeps in transport. The mattress inflated quickly, and my toddler was able to easily change her positions when playing, stand up on it to look around and sleep comfortably during the flight. I felt so sorry for other parents on the plane who haven't had this.
My only advice is to air it out for at least a few days before use, and wash it with a shampoo to get rid of the rubbery smell.

Worked well

Flew on Qatar airways and the bed worked really well.

Game changer

We used this to fly from NJ to Hawaii on a 10.5 hour flight with our 20 month old toddler. It was perfect and allowed him to take a comfortable 3 hour nap. Highly recommend for long flights! He was slightly tall for it when completely stretched out but once he curled up he had enough space. 😴

Would highly recommend

I'm so thankful I came across this product. Used it for my 15-month old on a 13-hr flight. Used it at a risk as well since the Airline we used (Philippine Airlines) is listed under the 'may or may not allow' category. Fortunately, cabin crew didn't say anything so the little one was very comfortably seated and slept as a log. Saved my arm muscles some tightening from holding her too. Would definitely use this again and have already recommended it to friends.

Must have!

She slept perfectly on our 17 hour premium economy flight with Singapore Airlines. We’ve already convinced our friends to buy it for their flight with their 2yo!


We used the flyaway bed for our 23mo boy on a 5hr flight to and from NYC-St Lucia and it was a lifesaver! It is so compact it fit in my diaper backpack, inflated with the pump in 90 seconds and deflated super easy and folded back nicely into the pack it came in. We got so many compliments from the flight attendants and everyone on the flight. Definitely taking this on every flight we go on with our little guy, so worth it.

Cristina S.
Great bed!

Highly recommend for long plane trips!

nathan t.
Great bed!!

Worked great for a 18 month old. Quick set up and deflate into a small bag. Used it on a British airways from Canada into London. No issues using it. Stewardess did say at end of flight it’s a grey area right now and arnt officially allowed but she had no problem with us using it as long as the baby is comfy. Our baby ended up using it as more of a play area for her to sit and crawl around on as she only fell asleep at the end of the flight but did manage to sleep comfy for a few hours on it.

Vanessa A.

I am soooo glad I came across this product! My family and I have embarked on a year of full time travel with a teen and a toddler. That being said you can imagine my nerves thinking about air travel with my energetic toddler. The flyaway bed has been absolutely incredible!! Very convenient packaging, super fast and easy to blow up. Actually easy not supposedly easy. And it has been a life saver! Highly recommend not only for sleeping but great for play time and even to give small ones extra height to reach the tray table. Overall super happy with my purchase. Worth every penny!

Alexis W.
8 hours sleeping on an International flight

We just took our first flight since COVID and our 14 month old slept for 8 hours straight from SF to Tel Aviv. No Benadryl needed. I don’t know anything else other than to have it but I’m not sure anything but her own first class seat would have gotten an 8 hour stretch of sleep. I’m telling all the new moms.

Cathy F.
first class treatment for our bub!

easy to setup and super comfy solution for sleeping and lounging for our 22mo.

Shalinee P.
Awesome product!!!

I just love this product. It is so comfortable. Fits well on the seat. I used it on etihad airlines. We had 14 hours long flight and my girls slept for 7 hours straight. Just buy it, you would never regret.

Kelly F.
Perfect. Just get it.

Used this my first time traveling with my one year old on a 4.5 hr flight. It worked perfectly. Gave her more room to play without me worrying about her falling forward off of the seat or losing her toys on the ground.

Albina K.

Amazing product!!!!

Such a help

We recently did a 12 hr overnight flight and this bed was so much help. Our 2 year old could stretch out on it and sit up with his toys and video in front when he was awake. We got 9 hours sleep which was amazing 👏 wish all airlines accepted it.

Best purchase for my trip

This honestly saved us on our trip. We were incredible my worries flying with our 13 month trip to Europe. Our toddler got the adequate amount of rest he needed thanks to this product. I’ve already recommended to two other parents.

Love, Love, Love this product!

The Flyaway Kids Bed is a terrific product for a little one to sleep comfortably on a long plane ride. It is really easy to use – it extends the seat for our toddler so he can lay flat to sleep, which is very convenient for long flights. It also has the added advantage of raising his height a few inches so he can more easily look out the window during the flight and it totally removes the opportunity to kick the seat in front of us (an unexpected blessing).

Great alternative to holding a baby on the plane

Airplane seats are already uncomfortable, but holding a baby while they sleep on a plane is a whole new level of discomfort. These inflatable cushions are used for babies through toddlers and can allow them to sleep comfortably on airplanes. Simply inflate and place them in between the seats. The Flyaway Kids Bed is worth the investment if you travel a lot. https://ergobaby.com/blog/2021/09/top-25-products-for-traveling-with-a-baby/

Kristin A.
Absolutely AMAZING!!! MUST Have for flights with toddlers.

I was waiting to post a review until I actually used this product. I just took two plane rides - each 4-5 hours on after the other, with a toddler and this was the best thing we purchased for our entire trip. He was able to play and nap on it and when we had an overnight flight coming home, he was able to sleep the ENTIRE time. I had a friend that made that same trip with a 2.5 year old that did not sleep very long at all. While each child is different, I do think this made a HUGE difference. Seriously if you are having any doubts about purchasing, don't! It is AMAZING.

Good travel product!

We purchased two flyaway kids beds for our 3 and 5 year-olds for our 9 hour international overnight flight and they worked well. Both of our kids are tall for their age so they both had to sleep curled up in the fetal position, but they were still more comfortable than they would have been just in their seats. The product was easy to inflate and deflate and did not disturb other passengers. We used it in the middle row of four in the plane and the Iberia flight attendants had no problem with it. Both flyaway beds deflated in their individual bags with their pumps as well and then those two small bags fit inside one of our carry-ons along with additional snacks, toys, pajamas and water bottles, so they are very compact to carry-on, even within other carryon bags as we did. I just wish we had purchased this 4 years ago as soon as our babies no longer flew in the aircraft bassinet!

Ciprian I.

Very useful

Jonathon M.
Must have for flights with littles!

Purchased for my 13 month old (wears 2T though) and he actually napped and slept on our flights to and from Hawaii! He’s not the best sleeper so we were surprised, but happy! It also made the seat safe for him to play when awake. Set up and putting away was easy too which was an added bonus.

Rachel K.
Best Investment ever

after much consideration, i decided to purchase. I am so glad i did. we flew from fort lauderdale to hawaii and it was an absolute life saver for my 3 year old. she slept the entire time and we had barely any issues from flight attendants. they thought it was a pool float and when i explained it is specifically designed for airplanes they were highly intrigued. would purchase and recommend 1000 times.