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Renee P.
Win for Gran

I purchased the Flyaway for my twenty-month old granddaughter to use on her first plane ride and international flight from the US to Scotland. My daughter and son-in-law said the inflight bed made everything much, much easier. My granddaughter was able to sleep on it, comfortably. The bonus was, when awake, the “bed” made a nice play area. Great product!

Renee F.
great product!

Easy to inflate...very comfy for our grandson.
Highly recommended

Baby’s First Flight

My 11-month-old slept the entire way from JFK to Madrid!

Flight from UK to Australia

Fantastic product. We got this for my 3yo and he slept most of the 18hour flight, there was plenty of room for him to get comfortable (he did have to curl his legs up but it was much better than him trying to curl up on the seat). We ensured we knew how to put it up and down so we could do it discreetly but it wasn’t an issue on Qatar Airways (in fact the air hostess commented it was a fantastic idea). It was also perfect for my 10mo to sit on with him when they were both awake. And it folds up small enough to fit in his hand luggage. I would definitely recommend for long haul flights.

Most awesome thing ever!!!!

A must for parents traveling with babies and toddlers!!!!

Brilliant, Best Buy.

Absolutely worth buying. Easy to put up and take down. Granddaughter slept and played well. Size Very good fitted easy in quarter of my hand luggage case. If like me and keep looking at it, I would definitely recommend to buy it.

Sarah W.
Absolutely Game Changing for Flying with Babies and Toddlers

We just tried this out for the first time this past weekend 5/4/2022 with our 15 month old son. He is very tall for his age (90% in height) and I still think it will work for a long time for him. We had to have it deflated for take off and landing but it was soooo easy to inflate and deflate that was no trouble. We flew Jet Blue and Delta and they both were fine with it. Jet Blue made us use it next to the window where as Delta allowed it to stay in the middle seat. Our son slept the entire flight the way there and 2 hours of our 3 hour flight the return flight. He was able to play and snack without dropping everything for the time he was awake. We can't wait to use this on our flight to Italy in Sept! Fantastic product!

Slept the whole flight

My 19 month old has just outgrown his car seat carrier that we have always used when flying. I searched the internet for something to save us on a 7 hour red eye flight and found Flyaway. It worked like a dream. Delta allowed me to inflate after takeoff and it was quick and easy to use. He quickly fell asleep and I had to wake him up for landing so I could deflate the bed (infants must be in arms for take-off and landing is what we were told by flight crew). We got so many questions on it from other parents who were walking up and down the isle trying to calm their own kids. I’m 100% shocked more people don’t know about this product as it was a godsend on this overnight flight for us. Would recommend this product for sure.

Fabulous purchase

It was our first traveling experience with a baby; 5 months old. We tried the airline bassinet at first but we quickly switched to Flyaway after we had seen that it wasn’t just about a place to sleep. It was tummy time, changing a quick diaper, playing, sitting rolling; all of the activities that made it feel like a normal day for her. It was the space we needed.

Kelsey H.
A must!

After reading the reviews I purchased two beds for my 2 and 4 year old. These were a dream on the over night flight home from Hawaii. As soon as I set the beds up both of my kids fell asleep almost immediately. Definitely recommend the purchase!

Tenee S.
Great for small children

I loved the flyaway bed for my one year old. She was able to stretch out and sleep comfortably on the small airline seat. It also kept all of her toys confined and from falling under the seat. I love the that it gave her the flexibility to stretch out.

Great for international flight!

I bought this in a panic before taking an 11-hr international flight with my 4-year-old and 6-month-old, and it was absolutely worth the cost. We had one flight in a normal economy row and it helped my daughter stretch out, sleep, play, and stay comfortable. On the flight back we were in the front row with a bassinet for the baby, and while the bed didn’t reach all the way to the wall it still gave her more room for her legs and stayed in place fairly well (we adjusted it twice during the flight by having her sit up and scotching it back to the end of the seat when it slipped down). Will absolutely recommend to anyone with kids under 5 who are traveling on long flights!

WIdya D.
Love it

A bit bulky to carry but totally love it. 12 hour flight and infant sleeps so well on it

Worth every penny

We used this on our flight to/from Paris (~10 hours) with our 17 month old son. It was one of the best purchases we've ever made! It not only allowed him to get a solid chunk of sleep, but it helped him have his own seat/table for activities. It was really easy to inflate and deflate and we stored it in our carry on suitcase. We just grabbed it after the seatlight sign went off and packed it up before descent. HIGHLY recommend for air travel for little ones!

Javier S.
Fantastic solution for our 5 hour trip to Peru!

Our flyaway bed was super useful, very easy to carry and took us less than a minute to put it together.

Darrelle F.
The Best

Just took this from Denver - Spain overnight trip with our 22 month old and it was PERFECT. I cannot believe we have been flying with her these last two years without it, we never will again. Kid you not, you must get this.

Ceren L.
Thank the sweet Lord

These beds saved me. Turkish airlines however doesn’t accept them as they obstruct the life jackets but I was able to sweet talk them since I had two small children with me and they saw I needed the break. LoL! I cant wait until they are accepted on every airline because this is a very necessary and genius product that airlines should offer through a partnership with FLYAWAY

Absolute game changer

We've just completed a flight from Sydney AU to Indianapolis USA which totalled about 16 hours of plane travel. Mr just-turned-one used his flyaway for play and for sleep on both the international and domestic legs. We flew American Airlines all the way, and received nothing but positive comments on how handy his little bed was. I flew with him alone, and found the set up/pack up super simple even on our cramped domestic leg.

Georgia M.
Well worth the $

We had an overnight flight from Atlanta to Paris. We purchased a bed for our 5 year old and our 2 year old. They sat in the window and middle seat. When we blew up the beds, they were able to sleep side by side with their heads under the window and bodies stretched over both beds. With a seatbelt extender we could fit them both in the seat belt incase their was turbulence. They had a 1st class experience and we didn't have bodies in our laps. On the way home, it was daytime, so no sleeping, but they were far more comfortable than sitting in their regular seats.

Marina A.
Love it!

My daughter slept the entire 10-hour evening trip (she wakes up once in her bed). While initially she did fall asleep in her seat without the bed, at some point she started complaining for not being able to be flat and move so I inflated the bed. She then slept perfectly through the flight! While my husband complained about my expense, we then agreed it was the best investment :). We flew American premium economy.

Jacobo E.
Saved our trip to Spain

Literally our 17 month old slept the entire flight and was upset we woke her. She was so comfortable on the bed. Worth every single penny.

Very practical, glad we bought

We flew American Airlines economy plus, Miami to BsAs overnight. Inflated the mattress in about 2 min, put our 1.5 year old to bed, he slept the whole way. He’s long for his age, but I suppose he’ll fit pretty comfortably for a few more years. He may need to curl up a little bit when he’s over 2. Excellent purchase!

Trixie S.
The best!!!

Gave my kid a long 8 hour sleep during a 15 hr flight

Ludmila K.
Must have!

An absolute godsend, our 20mo daughter loved it on our Air Canada overnight flight, whether she was sleeping or up playing. The single best purchase we made in preparation for our Europe trip!

SO HAPPY we made this purchase!

Had to review this product because it was a game changer! TL; DR buy it! I was unsure about the purchase because our three year old is really tall at 47” and most of the pics showed smaller kids. We bit the bullet because we really wanted her to get some sleep on our flights to / from Australia. She was good when she was in the fetal position. Just long enough if she laid flat. She slept for nine hours! It was perfect!

At one point we realized we could “extend it” by scooting it down and filling the gap with pillows. We then covered the whole thing with a blanket. Again perfect! We had space for this because we sat in the bulkhead in premium on Delta. You would not be able to do this in a regular seat.