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Worth the purchase even for older kids!

This product is amazing! There's enough reviews out there for toddlers (my 3 year old had a full 12 hours of sleep), but I also bought these for my 8 and 11 year olds as well (4.3 ft - 5ft tall). Definitely a game changer for our 17hour flight! Highly recommend!

Life saver

We used our Flyaway bed recently on a 9 hour flight. It was a life saver, 2 yo slept so well on the flight. Even during the time when she was not sleeping, the bed was a great platform for her to watch TV or play with her toys (without dropping them everywhere). Would absolutely recommend it!

Perfect for flying with a toddler! Easy enough to blow up and put down. Made our long haul flight a breeze

Alexandra F.

First international trip/first plane ride >2hrs with my 2.5 year old. I was willing to try anything to ensure he slept, and I had heard the FlyAway bed was worth it…it was! Easy to inflate and set up, it provided a nice play area for my son before he fell asleep. I wish there was an adult version! Highly recommend to anyone with a young child.

Life saver

The bed was easy to inflate & deflate quickly. My kid loved doing it too. It is a wonderful product, a must have especially in long filghts

Best idea ever!!! (For flying with kiddos)

Just the best thing! We flew 16 hours with our 3 year old and 10 month old!! It was great for sleep, snacks, play and for both kiddos to sit on if needed! Would totally do it again!

Catia Q.
There's one before and one after

There's one before and one after getting the Flyaway bed. Before it was a pain to get my son to rest on a plane. After, he simply slept the entire journey (8hours) and was fresh on the next day, minimizing jetlag. Will definitely buy a new one once my second one arrives!

Elizabeth B.
Happy with my Flyaway Bed!

Purchased a Flyaway bed for a long haul flight in economy. It was exactly as advertised and of high quality, and worked how it was meant to. I am happy with my purchase and would recommend it for all economy flights when you’re hoping for extra comfort for your child.

Game Changer

Total game changer for long overnight international flights. We had stopped doing overnight flights since they had been such a nightmare before the flyaway. Recommending them to everyone I know!

Lindsey M.
Worth every penny!

We bought this for a family trip from the US to UK. It was my 2 year olds first flight and it made keeping him comfy and entertained 100% easier. It inflated and deflated quickly and was easy to wipe down after meals/snacks. We flew Virgin both ways and didn’t experience any issues with it fitting.

Life saver on 11.5 hour flight with 14 month old

We flew Zurich to Singapore with Swiss airways. We were on a Boeing-777 300 with really crappy legroom, the flight was full and we felt so cramped. Luckily the cabin crew said we could use the Flyaway bed. We popped it up (easily, although didn’t inflate the head rest as there wasn’t enough room). The baby climbed all over it (and us) for a while. But eventually he was able to fall asleep diagonally on the bed and slept for 6+ hrs which is more than he manages at home. So I’d call that a win! It’s not an inexpensive piece of kit but it’s very high quality and we’ll certainly use it again (and lend it out to friends and family). So worth it for us.

Andrew P.
Worth it if you can afford it

My wife and I were anxious about flying across country with our 1 year old daughter. We bought the Flyaway bed wondering if it was really worth it.

It definitely was.

It was easy to setup and tear down. It fit perfectly onto my daughter's Alaska Airlines coach seat. My daughter loved playing on the bed, and was there for 3/4 of each flight. We were also able to get her to take a nap for about an hour each way.

The bed feels wellmade. The material seems tough and easy to clean. After the first 2 flights it seems as good as new. I have faith this should last my daughter for a few years.

I debated getting a $50 Amazon knock off product. Maybe they're fine... But we thought it was worth it to buy a quality product that we could trust, and I feel that we got what we paid for.

Fantastic "travel bed" for littles

I have children 5 and younger, and they were all so comfortable on our 10hr overnight flight. The design fills the whole space so that there are no inconvenient gaps, and the seat belt fits around better than I expected. I really think this made overcoming jetlag for them so much better.

The set-up can feel a bit awkward, as you can't put them in place until after take off, so the kids cannot get fully settled until anywhere from 30-60min+ from when they got on the plane initially (this is obviously at no fault to Flyaway, just safety procedures). For this reason, I wouldn't personally plan to use them unless the flight was at least 4 hours long, but preferably a long haul of 10+ hrs.

Worth every penny

I was traveling alone with my 18MO on a 10 hour red eye. My baby was able to sit up and see the window, sit with his legs out and then fall asleep and have room to extend. He even helped me blow it up which I thought was adorable. Pictures to come!

Amazing purchase

Worth every penny. Total game changer on long flights with my 3 year old.

Stephanie K.


Can’t fly without it

Took our 2 year old on a flight from LA to NY (on Delta) and this was so key to help our girl sleep. Also great when she’s awake to keep her from standing and moving during the flight. It’s easy to inflate and deflate . Definitely recommend for all parents flying with little ones.

Vrinda K.
Best product

It is perfect. We took flight from NYC to jNew Delhi. My daughter slept for 10 hours on that bed.

Awesome product!

I was able to use the bed for 8+ hours flight to Europe. The airlines that we traveled were Norse and Level airline. I checked with the cabin crew prior and they were very willing for the use of the bed after take off. My son calls it his airplane bed and was very comfortable on it. He slept for most of the journey, if not was happily playing on the bed. I highly recommend this product for long flights.

Richard B.
Love it! It's like sleeping on a cloud ☁️

Last night was our little men’s first overnight long haul flight. We used the fly away beds which made it feel like they were sleeping in a cloud😉 It was definitely exciting and way better than holding them in our arms for sleeping.

Lumin P.
19-hour flight amazing

We bought this for our one year old son on our journey from JFK-singapore, singapore-melbourne and back. Fly-away was the business class ticket for our son. He slept comfortably throughout the flights. Unfortunately though, not many airplane companies allow it, we were lucky that Singapore airlines allowed it. Thank you again a 100 times!

Marilyn L.
Wonderful travel bed!

I bought two of these beds for my grandchildren (two and three years old) as we were headed on an overnight flight to Europe. All the adults were jealous watching the kids stretch out and peacefully sleep. The Flyaway beds were everything we hoped for and worth every penny!

Mackenzie G.
12 Hour Flight

We got the FlyAway bed for our 15 month old for our 12 hour flight. It was a game changer and made everybody’s long flight more comfortable.

Joann G.
Worth it!

My 2yo daughter loved sleeping in it on our 12-15hr flight. Very easy to inflate/deflate. I have no regrets and I highly recommend.

Worth every penny

Used this on the flight to and from Japan. My 15 month old slept 6 hrs straight on the way there and 9 hrs straight on the way back on the red eye flight. It was compact, light and easy and fast to inflate. Worth every penny!!