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Pauline F.
Worth every penny

I was hesitant to buy the Flyaway bed, thinking it was just another expensive thing I would buy for my daughter that wouldn’t last long and wasn’t necessary. A 6 hour upcoming plane flight after multiple painful plane flights made me rethink, and boy am I glad I did. The bed is incredible. Easy to inflate, compact in storage, sturdy and great quality. My 14 month old daughter took her scheduled naps and they lasted as long as they do in her crib. More importantly, she was able to play with her toys, read her books and and move around on the bed easily. I didn’t have to worry about her falling off the chair as much as without it. An incredible investment, don’t hesitate to buy!

Agnes B.
A must have for all long haul flights

We bought the flyaway bed for a trip from London to New Zealand. 24 h flying with an 11 month old was rather daunting, but the flyaway bed made it soooo much easier. Out little man could sleep, play and crawl around without having to be on top of us. I don’t want to imagine what our trip would have been like if we didn’t have it!

Pamela d.L.
The best thing I ever had

This make life super easy, I would refer to every mother

Life saver

Bed is compact easy to use, practical. My kid who is 5 years old slept through the whole flight comfortably from Europe to Australia without any dramas. Highly recommend for other parents who struggle with their kid on long hauls.

Bottom line-Get a Flyaway bed if you travel with young children

I flew with my 2.5 year old daughter from the US to Europe on an 8 hour flight. We flew on Delta in economy (an aisle and a window seat) and left at 5pm and landed at 8:30am. At about 8pm I inflated the bed in under 2 minutes. I laid down my daughter and in about 10 minutes she fell asleep. She slept for 3 straight hours and only woke up when they turned the cabin lights on to serve breakfast. She woke up smiling and happy. I easily deflated the bed and packed it away. This bed was a godsend and helped her get back on her normal sleep/wake schedule the day we landed. The flight was full and there were several kids who did not sleep and were up screaming during the flight. Mine slept soundly which helped me sleep a bit. While in Europe I took another 3 hour flight during her afternoon nap time and she slept almost the whole flight. While she was awake, she sat and played on the bed, and with its height, it helped her look out of the window. This was my daughters 4th international flight and I wish I would have bought the bed sooner. The bed is high quality, comfortable and does everything as advertised-A must have if you fly with young children.

Easy to use

This was very easy to inflate/deflate. It fit pretty well in the seat, a little tight so we couldn’t fully inflate the head pillow area. I got this for my first flight with my 10 month old, but she didn’t really sleep that well on the flight. It was more because she likes to roll around a lot and change positions a lot while sleeping, and she couldn’t do that without hitting the seat or wall and was constantly waking up confused and upset. When she was able to sleep on the bed it worked perfectly. None of the flight attendants questioned the bed, this was on an AA flight.

Maria G.
Great product

Lifesaver for 11 hour trip to Europe. A must for traveling with kids.


I was so nervous about the flight for our 7 month old. Luckily, we were able to get an open seat next to us to set up the bed. He played and slept on the bed very well. I know it’s intended for older children, but we watched him closely the whole time and he had no issue. Our baby has a hard time sleeping anywhere, but putting him down was easy. Setting up and breaking down were easy as well. We also used it on a United flight without issue. Me and my arms were so thankful we bought the bed. One of our best investments.

Ameya T.
handy tool for long haul flights

Quick to inflate and deflate and the quality of material is really nice. The pump also feels rather sturdy and comes with an adapter for using other balloon pumps. Singapore Airlines staff did not know the product by name but didn't have any issues for me to put it on their seats. Also, it did pass through the security hassle free.

All in all, a very good product if you wish to travel with younger kids.

Patrick R.
Easy to use and convenient size

The bed inflates quickly with the easy to use pump. Bed was ready to go in about 2 minutes while on the plane. Our 4 year old fit perfectly on it and there was plenty of space on the KLM 787 to set it up. Would highly recommend this for parents traveling with small children on longer flights.

Polyanna G.d.S.

We’ve made the best travel ever .

Christine O.
Wonderful flight

My son is 2,5 years old and he enjoyed his 7h flight "kids super comfort class" very much :-) Awesome product! Thanks

Deborah C.
Flying with a Toddler Must Have

Got this as a gift for my almost 2 year old toddler. It was quick and easy to set up. She slept on both flights going to and from our vacation. Not only was it comfortable for her to lay down but I also felt like she sat better throughout the flight since her little legs were not dangling off. Got so many compliments on the flight and both the item and on how comfortable my little one looked!

Reinalyn S.

Flight from US to Asia. 18 hrs flight and my child is very happy and comfortable.

Shauna C.
Flyaway Bed

We used this bed for our 2 year old while flying from Canada to Italy (approximately 8 hours) and he slept comfortably the entire flight there thanks to this bed! On the way back he was able to go from napping to playing and relaxing all on this bed. We will never fly without it! We highly recommend it to anyone with a toddler. It was a game changer and made our flight so much easier. It was extremely easy to assemble and disassemble as well.

Monica S.
Thank iuu I recieve my flyaway

I liked so much ;) it’s very easy and comfortable

Victoria H.

Loved this, easy to put up & take down - child slept both journeys - thank you!!

Our kids loved it!

Recently travelled with my 3 year old twins and this bed definitely made the plane ride so much easier! They both slept through the entire flight during our red-eye flight for 5+ hrs. Besides of sleeping on it, they also loved munching snacks, drawing and watching iPad on it because of how cozy it was! Chose this over Stokke Jetkids and it was the best decision as none of them wanted to walk at the airport let alone pushing their own jetkids box...

Great product!

Great bed for long flights! Super easy to setup and very good quality!!

Game Changer

I have a very active 9 month old and this was a game changer for us on the 6 hour flight from Seattle to Hawaii on Alaska Airlines. She was able to play safely and get all of her wiggles out during the flight. If she were a better sleeper, she would have slept really well on this wonderful seat. The flight attendants kept asking where they could get them for their kids and grandkids. Definitely recommend!!!

Aleksandra H.
Must have

Easy to inflate, creates lots of room for your little one to play on and sleep during the long flights, easy and fast to deflate. Good investment.

Highly Recommend

First time flying with my two year old, and saw an advert on Instagram about the FLYAWAY KIDS BED. I bought it two weeks before our travel date hoping it would come in time in the UK, which it did. We flew with Tui airlines to go and come back. No problems in inflating the bed after take off, just takes a minute to do, which I’m really impressed about. It was nice and easy to fit on the seat and lucky enough, my two year old slept throughout the trip to go and come back, which was 3hr/4hr long. To deflate it was very easy and folds very nicely in the bag given. I highly recommend for parent, especially for littler ones as it gives you a peace of mind about them being comfortable on the flight. I love it!! Definitely would be keeping it for our next trip!

Daniel B.
Game changer

This was the best purchase I’ve ever made! Our LO fell asleep for 4 hours of a 7 hour flight! Not possible before! Super comfortable for her play on and even sit on, and quickly inflated. Amazing! Should be handed out on flight IMHO!

Excellent purchase!

Easy to carry on, quick and easy to inflate/deflate. My 2 and half year old slept through the night flight. 100% recommend.

Brenda C.
Worth every single penny

We bought this for our little one (6months) and I will never fly with out it. I had moms asking me what I had and every single one of them added it to their carts. My little one fell asleep as we took off. My husband inflated the bed, which took all of 5 minutes. We put him down and he slept the entire 3 hour flight. If your iffy about it this is your sign to go ahead and buy it, it will change your life