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What a life-changing product! We travelled from USA to Switzerland in complete comfort, Valentina sleeping for 5 hours straight without using mommy’s or daddy’s lap. I totally recommend the Flyaway Kids Bed to anyone travelling with small kids (2-7 years). Contrary to other similar products, this one is safe and approved by most airlines. As it is brand new, all the stewards came by our seat to admire it and ask whether it comes in their size 😊 Already thinking about where to fly next ✈️🤔😊 Never thought long distance flights with kids can be so easy thanks to @flyaway.designs 😊

My boys slept 7.5 hours!

Thank-you! Thanks-you! I swear I used to dread flying with both kids alone as it was sooo uncomfortable for all of us and no-one would sleep well. But now I actually look forward to flying ❤️❤️❤️! We just had a 7.5 hour flight with Qatar and they slept right after the first snack until I had to deflate them for landing!

Flyaway gave us a very peaceful trip!

My daughter slept most of the flight! It's an excellent product.

Thank you for making such an incredible product!

I bought this before the summer after trying all the other bed-style airplane products out there. I always fly alone with both kids, and most flights are 6/7 hours minimum! So as you can imagine I usually would dread the flying as we were always so uncomfortable! The minute i inflated the beds both kids mood changed! They were soooo excited to be able to lie and relax in their seat. They sat completely still the whole 6,5hr flight, playing on the mattress and watching their ipads! And no lost toys, as they didn't fall on the floor! 👍🏻 Even eating was more comfortable with the mattress. My oldest called it his airplane bed and now always asks to inflate it as soon as we enter the airplane! 🤣 this is no less than a life-saving product! After 5 flights with this bed, I actually look forward to flying with the kids, they are comfortable, and that means happy mommy! ❤️ thank you for making such an incredible product!

I can not reccomend this product enough.

We recently travelled, Sydney to Vancouver with Air Canada
Our son slept 5hrs on the way there and 8hrs on the way home.
It is so well made that no matter what angle or position he slept in, it kept him safe and sound. We even used it in the more leg room seats with no issues at all.
worth every cent!!

It is definitely a game changer when flying with little kids!!!

Flyaway kids bed was an absolute lifesaver. We flew from Brisbane to LA with AirNZ. Our 2 year was getting very restless as she was trying to go to sleep and couldn’t get comfortable. As soon as we inflated the kids bed, she settled straight away and slept for 9 hours. It was so easy to inflate and put down again and we just kept it in our back pack while walking through the airports. It is definitely a game changer when flying with little kids!!!

I love your product you're a genius!!!

I was so so happy to come across this product, it has changed our trips for the better. We fly from Canada to Dubai twice a year, which are 14 hour flights. So imagine 14 hrs with a 4 year old! After trying this for the first time this summer I have become obsessed and so happy that I found this. My 4 year old slept 14 hours straight on our way home to Canada from Dubai, we actually had to wake him up for landing, it's so easy to pump and deflate and just the comfiest bed ever, I even was able to put my feet up on it as I was 7 months pregnant! We now have to make the trip from Canada to Dubai with a 4 year old and a newborn and I am not worried at all. I recommend this product to anyone with kids it will change your life!! Thank you thank you Flyaway Designs for finding me on Instagram I love your product you're a genius!!!