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Juliana M.
It makes life easier!

I highly recommend, my son slept for a long time on it, it is very comfortable, the fitted sheet is also super soft and the green/blue color is beautiful. It is so easy to use and also simple to pack.


Wow! This thing is amazing my son slept almost our entire flight (10 hours). Super easy to inflate and breakdown. Easy to put in a carry on too! Highly recommend!

Amazing! Definitely recommend to everyone traveling with little kids!

Connie P.
Worth it!

Bought two for each of my one and a half year olds. I was hesitant because of the cost, but we are so glad we did it for our overnight international travel. They fold relatively small (put two in a tote bag). Quality is great- and they’re comfy for lounging or nap/sleep. I expect these to last us for a long time. Highly recommend!

Must have!

Our 17 month old slept so good on an overnight flight with this, it was a lifesaver!

Loved it!!!

Easy to blow up and the baby slept great. I had no issue with the airline. So happy we used this for our trip to Europe! 9 hours with a 16 month old!


Bought for both of our kids (2.5 years, 6 months) for cross-country flights, and they both enjoyed! We even got our baby to nap on it with no issue. Genius product! Will definitely use on next long-haul flight!


These beds were worth every penny!! Our 5 and 3 years old slept the whole flight both to and from Europe!

Viktoriia Y.
About our first flight together ❤️

Hi Flyaway designs team! I want to share my family experience :). It was our first flight by Icelandair (Amsterdam - Reykjavik, layover about 1 hour 20 min, Reykjavik - RDU) with our baby (3 years) together. We worried very much, but everything was OK. Flight Away Kids Bed was accepted by Icelandair crew on both flights, but we used for longer flight only. Our baby could comfortable play, watch movies and also sleep on the flight!

Thanks a lot your team!

Alejandra K.
10 hour flight

I recently had a veeeeeery long flight with our 10 month old baby… we have to confess that before the trip we were very nervous and anxious about the length of the flight, although, the flyaway made our trip a wonderful experience. It was very easy to inflate and deflate. Definitely recommended

Worked like a charm

We recently used these flying Delta to Munich and back. Flying overnight to Munich, we set these up for our kids (aged 4.5 and 2) following the dinner service, and they slept the whole rest of the flight. Coming back on the daytime flight, they weren’t as tired so didn’t sleep as much, but the beds were still very useful, especially for the 2.5 yo. I am glad we bought these and will continue to use them (even try to on “unapproved” airlines such as United).

The best!

Just as described. Worked great on an American Airlines flight from Phoenix to London. I have a 7 and 5 year old, and both got 7 hours of sleep. It was amazing. Highly recommend.

Calvin C.
3.5 year old Kid loved the flyaway bed

My kid loved the flyaway bed, he could sleep, relax, and eat his meals in comfort. I feel envious as a parent.

This bed is an asset

We had a four-year old kid and use this bed for a transatlantic fly. The bed is comfortable, easy to use and perfectly fit in the economy class.

Alessandra C.


Travelling with small ones - MUST BUY!

We bought one a few years ago for my little guy and it was amazing. He slept 6 hours of the 8 hour flight.

Now we have a 2 and 4 year old we got another one and it made the whole trip much more enjoyable.

Kids will not sleep properly without one of these!!

Andrea C.
Worth it

We got these for our 3.5 and 5 year old for a cross country red eye. I was afraid they were too big for it, but even with my 5 year old needing to sit up a little, it provided her support for her legs so she could comfortably fall asleep. Both of them did both ways without issue which is incredibly rare as we are frequent flyers. We won't be flying without these again though. Quick and easy to blow up and deflate, we just put them in our carry on bag.

Serena B.
Best investment

Absolutely fantastic product. Husband was reluctant at first, but made the purchase after our previous long haul when my toddler kicked me off my seat to sleep (and I was 6 months pregnant!). Flew again on a 13 hrs flight with FLYAWAY bed and it was amazing! My 3 y.o slept comfortably on it for 10 hours. Highly recommend.

Worked great

Easy to inflate and deflate.

Kristen S.
Should have bought Sooner!

My husband and I travel at least twice a year and have added our 2 year old to the mix and I wish I had found this a year ago!!! If you have a one year old or older this is a game changer for flying!!! You will not regret it at all!!

This is like a Business seat for toddlers

At first I doubted weather to buy the FlyAway Kids bed because of the price. I have to admit I considered cheaper options but none had the same reviews as this one. We traveled with Iberia from Europe to South America and back. My two year old slept 8 out of the12 hours. For me this was priceless! Definitely worth the money.

Fantastic Flight

I purchase this item for an overseas flight. The flight was 11 hours. Our daughter slept well over 6 hours, woke up rested, and enjoyed lounging afterwards while watching a movie.

Amazing product

Our little one was relaxing on this during a day flight and slept during night flight ! Highly recommend

Never flying more than 2 hours without this again!

11 hrs to Hawaii and my kids loved his “Delta One” experience. Everyone was asking us about it.


This was perfect for my large 14 month old. He slept some on each flight we used it on and he had a great time playing on it. We won’t be flying without it for the next few years!