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Amazing invention!

I commute between Detroit and Los Angeles for work. I took my eight-month-old for the first time a few weeks ago. I purchased the flyaway bed because I knew we needed a way for him to sleep well on the flight during naptime instead of in my arms. We sleep trained him months ago so being in an environment where he can lay down instead of in my arms is pretty crucial. This flyaway bed serves not only as a bed for his naps but also for playtime. He was able to sit up in the middle seat and we were able to put toys on the bed. It really was wonderful. And very easy to blow up using the hand pump. I cannot recommend this enough. We had people asking us about how we flew across the country so well with an eight-month-old and we attribute it to this bed.

Best Buy Ever

I have used Flyaway Kids bed recently on a family trip. Very easy 2 step process to inflate and use. Kid slept well on the trip thanks to Flyaway kids bed.


Lifesaver! My favorite product :) we had an international flight 6 hrs + 14.5 hrs and my daughter was able to sleep comfortably and for a pretty long time, not only her, I WAS ABLE TO SLEEP AS WELL not worrying that she could fall of use properly. I honestly recommend this product to anyone flying with a kid, not only for long flights, worth EVERY single penny. Which I could give this product 10 stars rating :) thank you!

Fly your kids business class!

My 4.5 year old fits comfortably. She slept the whole time on an international flight. This inflatable bed definitely made our trip a lot easier!! It only takes about 2 minutes to install and it deflates in less than 30 seconds. If you have small children this bed is a lifesaver!!!

Love it

Love it

Loved it

Used it for both our 3month old and 1 yr old! Loved it!

Life saver!

We just moved from Hawaii to the mainland with a 1 year old who has never flown. We bought this bed after seeing it recommended on a facebook group and it was the best decision ever! My child slept the whole 8 hour flight and was able to sit up and play comfortably on our 3 hour flight! Must have travel necessity!


I am an AVID traveller with my kids (3 and 1) since the oldest was only a few months old. Now as a toddler this bed saved the day! My son and daughter took turns sleeping on the bed. The set up and take down are super quick and easy.

I flew American Airlines, Dallas to London and back. AA didn't bat an eye when I inflated the bed.

I loved this bed so much, as soon as my 1 year old gets to 2 I am buying a second. Highly highly recommend!

Flight saver

We loved having the Flyaway bed for our 1.5 year old. He's at the point where he's a bit too mobile to be truly a lap infant but still tiny. We set up the Flyaway bed for him next to the window and it was like he was flying first class. It provided safe room for him to scramble around on, have snacks and do activities, and of course sleep fully reclined. We won't fly without it now!

Perfect for International Flight!

We flew Swiss and took our 17 month old son on his first flight. From NY to Switzerland. It was almost 8 hours. We were able to use the Flyaway Bed as soon as we hit cruise altitude. It blew up fast and fit perfect in a standard economy seat space. My son was able to watch movies comfortably and then lat flat and sleep as if he were in his crib. We brought a crib sheet to cover bed (although sheet was big) and it was perfect! I think a few friends will be purchasing this now after our experience.

Hawaii flight

Great product! Our 19 month old slept through one of the legs (4.5 hours). He did not want to sit and play on it, but he also had a stuffy nose, so mama’s lap was more comforting. It was VERY easy to inflate and deflate. My husband and I said several times that we were thankful that we purchased it before this trip. We plan to use it every time we fly. It’s a no brainer.

Game changer!

I flew on a 10 hour flight with my one year old by myself last month and I was having a lot of anxiety before my trip. I was a little taken aback by the price of the Flyaway bed at first but now I understand that it’s worth every penny! I used it on an Air France flight from LAX to CDG. It gave my little one the chance to move as much as possible and not be in my lap the whole time even though she’s still too young to have her own seat. She slept 4 out of the 10 hours with a seatbelt over her so I felt like she was secure. It gave me the chance to have some arms free during the long trip and also to be able to eat my dinner without her on me. Would highly recommend to anyone with little ones on a long haul flight!

Happy toddler

We flew to colombia 5hr flight was the best positive experience with flyway Bed he slept he played and zero crying he was a happy boy

We had a wonderful experience

I got two Flyaways for our twin babies who are 19m old. It worked perfectly and they slept for 6-7 hours on an international flight. It’s super easy to assemble quietly and in the dark and easily inflatable by mouth

Great product

We were happy with the bed, which we used on a long-haul flight. Even though our 2 year old didn't sleep much (as the flight was during day-time according to our leaving destination), it was great for playing and occasional naps. We hope we will use it for longer sleep in the future.

Best travel idea!

We love this thing! So easy to use and our 7 month old napped like a champ to abs from our 6 hour travel

Used on trip to Hawaii

We loved this blow up bed. My son slept the entire flight from Hawaii to LAX. So worth it, what a relief to have a sleeping toddler on an airplane. He is 2 1/2 and fit great!

Excellent product

Excellent protect. Easy to use

Genius invention!

Traveling with a baby and a toddler is a challenge - so I was searching for things that were out there to ease it.
I stumbled over the Flyway Kids Bed by chance and had to give it a try.
Easy to inflate and deflate. Incredibly well designed and great usability! It’s stable, provides a comfortable seating/sleeping surface and prevents food and toys from dropping.
Very unique design - a great, user friendly innovation!

Looking forward to further innovations!

First flight with our little one... and it went great

It was our first long haul flight with our little one of 1 year... and I have to say flyaway made our flight really easy, we were lucky to have the free seat and right after takeoff we had the bed inflated in one minute !!
She could move around and play in the bed ... the seat was a bit small (Iberia) but the bed fit perfectly (without inflating the head rest) and she slept very well.
I could say it saved our flight. Fully recommend buying it.


Changed our flight experience! Kids were excited and the bed caught all spills and toys. And then was just as easy to clean up! My 4 year old slept soundly as well as the 2 year old! Would highly recommend!

Flight saver!!

I can only say that the flyaway bed allowed us to sleep during our night flight and everyone stayed at their place. The only thing I can challenge is the height, if you want to eat, the table can be very close to the bed.


Everything I expected and more. My baby girl was able to sleep and play the whole flight.

Perfect for flight! But small for 3 yo

We flew to Pakistan (from US) via Qatar Airways and had no problem during the international flight. I would say the bed was a bit small for my three year old but that’s mainly because he’s on the bigger side of the percentile. Loved overall experience!

A must have

Exactly what we were looking for, easy to set up, compact, great quality. Our son had a good sleep and it’s priceless on a long flight.
We used it with Singapore Airlines ( Paris - Singapore, Singapore - Perth ).
We absolutely recommend it.