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A lifesaver!

2 flyaway beds made all the difference for our 3 and 1 year old on an 11 hour flight. Both were able to make better use of their seats space, play and eat comfortably and, most importantly, SLEEP! Slept just like they were in their own beds. Wish we’d bought these sooner!

First flight for the win!

We flew with our 10 month old for the first time (LA -London) and it was a total win. He was able to stretch out and sleep comfortable for 6hrs and play on his flyaway. We flew Virgin Atlantic. Prior to purchasing I called the airline to see if they could approve since they are not on the approved list and they had said no but I decided to call again a week later in hopes that a different representative would approve. I also realized it's all in the language. And thankfully, they approved it. I honestly don't feel that our travel experience would have been as easy had it not been for the FlyAway. Complete game changer!

Patricia Z.
Best choice I ever made!

I traveled with my son in a night flight and honestly I was even chocked of how easy it was to give him comfort and for myself as well. The bed is easy to assemble and to save, if you’re going with help or as in my case alone with your child, you won’t have any stress. This is indeed the best choice I made!

Buy it.

Even if you will only use it on one flight, it is worth every penny.

Worth It

Kid loved it, was able to play and be comfy whole flight, even when not seeping. setup easy. Used in Delta Comfort seating, for 7 hour flight.

Best Invention for traveling parents

We LOVE this product! We fly with our children often but never on super long flights. So when the time came for a 5 hour fight we knew we needed something for our 3 year old and 13 month old on the plane. This bed/seat was perfect! Super compact and blowing up and deflating was very quick and simple. Both of our kids played on it (great because they couldn’t drop their toys on the floor.) Both of them also laid on it for naps and to watch movies too. I highly recommend this product and we will be using it on our future short and long flights! For our first time we flew on American Airlines and didn’t have any issues using it!

Catherine K.
Germany to New York=Success!

Traveling with my toddler by myself, and this was a lifesaver! Not only was he able to sleep on the plane (whew!), I loved that he could sit comfortably and safely, use the tray table to play, and use the tray table to eat. 100% recommend.

Chanel D.


Paola S.F.


Katherine L.

Made the flight SOOOOOO much better. I recommend 100%.

Great purchase!

We purchased the Flyaway Bed and spent the extra money vs. the cheap versions on Amazon and it was worth every penny. Great quality, easy to use, and while it took up space for hand luggage it was very compact. We flew Aer Lingus and the crew didn’t have an issue with it at all. Our son was 10mo using it and it helped make the seat a lounge for him and stop all his toys and snacks from falling on the floor. He slept on me, but I will def be using this as he grows and learns to lounge and sleep on it. I plan to use it as much as I can. Easy to inflate and put away, didn’t deflate easily, fit perfectly in the seat and even had an option to inflate another piece if you had a seat with extra leg room. Highly recommend!!

Jacqueline G.
Worked Wonders for 3 Year Old!

We got this for our 3 year old for a 7 hour red eye flight & return. Last time we flew, he didn’t sleep and I was dreading dealing with that again. This time, he slept the whole way over and was super comfortable and stretched out on the way back. It was very easy to inflate and deflate & we stored it in the basket of our stroller until we got on the plane. I know there are cheaper versions out there but I had not heard good things and to us, this was worth the investment! Note: we flew Delta and he was in the aisle seat of the middle row. We didn’t have any issues but I’m sure it depends on the airline and flight attendants. We may even buy a 2nd one for our 1 year old once he outgrows the infant seat!

Necessity for international travel with a toddler!

We just got back from a 12 day trip to Italy with our one and a half year old and I cannot share enough about how critical this bed was on the long flights overseas. She was able to comfortably sleep and stay in her own seat without having to climb all over me or my husband. She had her own little area and really liked her space. Highly recommend to everyone!

Fatmir L.


Best invention ever!

So glad I purchased a flyaway bed for my 18month old! It’s not just great for sleep but also for when they want to play! I highly recommend this product to families.

Great for babies

We bought this for my 3 year old on our flight from Utah to Germany. He was able to play but was too long to really recline on it. Luckily we used it for my 1 year old who had a lap ticket but doesn’t sleep well in our arms. He was able to fully stretch out and get great sleep on the flight!

Best Purchase for Long Haul Flights!

This product is incredible, we had alot of flights to take us from UK to Australia and back the longest being 14 hours. Our son we so comfortable and slept well. Since we had three seats and he was a window it even allowed him and I to spoon across two seats. Would never travel long haul without this.

Janet T.
Makes flying so much easier!

We used the Flyaway bed on a 4 hour flight from Vegas to Chicago. This was a lifesaver. Our 1 year old son had a great time moving around during the flight. He also took a 2 hour nap on it as well. It makes flying so much more comfortable for the kiddos and the parents. You can easily pump this bed up. The auto pressure settings helps the bed to not blow up with all the pressure changes. Don't be alarmed when you land and the bed feels deflated. It's suppose to feel that way since the air in the cabin changes so much. I recommend testing this well before you travel versus trying to figure it out on the plane. It packs up nice and light in our carry on. This is an expensive purchase, but it's totally worth it. I highly recommend it.

Jordana M.
Game changer

My daughter was so difficult on flights before this. so easy to blow up and she napped very comfortably on it

Happy Customer

We used the bed on our 6-hour flight to Hawaii on Alaska Airlines. It worked great (fit in the carry on well, blew up easily) and fit perfectly in the premium economy seats. Most importantly, our daughter actually took a nap mid-flight. One flight attendant commented on how neat it was.

Flightsaver! Highly recommended.

I would highly recommend this product. We flew Singapore airlines from London to Singapore with our 3.5 year old and this product meant our son slept well for a solid chunk of the flight. The item itself is not particularly heavy or bulky to carry-on and inflates and deflates very quickly and quietly. It does not intrude on other passengers space but creates a lay flat bed for the toddler. Even more satisfying, it fits easily back into its carry bag when you’ve finished using it. Such a simple solution but a product that really excels and crucially makes parents’ lives easier!

Great solution for long haul flights

Travelling with a little one isn't easy but this is a great way to safely be able to put them down to sleep. Especially useful for long haul flights - we flew a lane-departure, overnight flight to China and it was a huge help, meaning we didn't need to carry her for 12 hours.

natalia a.
Great product

We haven’t used it yet but are very much looking forward to doing so in September ! Our 1.5 year old will most definitely have a better flight experience from Canada to Europe !

We tested it at home and it’s perfect ! Easy to blow up and great quality !

Great Product!

We purchased a flyaway specifically for our toddler on a vacation from Chicago to the Dominican. It was a fairly easy setup for us and the little guy really enjoyed it. He got about 4 total hours of nap time with it! When he wasn’t napping he enjoyed having the boost to look out the window (he had the window seat) or just lounging like he was in first class. It was a little challenging to repack it in its bag while on the plane, but we did a much better job on the return trip. We already have friends with littles of their own asking us to borrow it for their upcoming trips. Highly recommend.

Totally Eased My Anxieties About Flying With a Toddler

We used our flyaway bed on our super long flight to Japan - 14 hrs, then another 5 hrs after a long layover in Hong Kong. I was super anxious about our long flight due to previous bad experiences with my 3 year old daughter having a hard time on 1-2 hours flights.

We busted out the flyaway bed the moment the seatbelt sign is off and everything went more smoothly than we can imagine. My daughter got really excited about the bed, played on it for a bit, ate the served dinner, and then laid down to sleep for 7 hours straight.

I was a bit hesitant to purchase due to the price and having to add to our luggages but it is worth every penny and wasn’t a bother once we store it away in our stroller.

10/10 would recommend this to any parent that is going on long flights with their young kids.