Flyaway Kids Bed wins Red Dot Product Design Award

Flyaway Kids Bed wins Red Dot Product Design Award

After months of judging the verdict is out - Flyaway Kids Bed is the best way to help kids sleep and play on planes!


Oh What A Night!

Flyaway Kids Bed has wowed Red Dot judges with its unique solution to a stressful situation...FLYING WITH CHILDREN!

The product received a Red Dot Product Design Award which the renowned jury awards for a particularly well-executed aspect of design work.

Inflating Flyaway Kids Bed

Flyaway Kids Bed is designed and engineered in Switzerland and combines a sleek silhouette with child-friendly functionality.

It’s essentially a high-quality inflatable mattress that extends over the child’s seat and legroom to create the perfect place for them to sleep and play comfortably on long distance flights.


And globetrotting parents are calling it a “life-changing product”.


About the product:

The Flyaway Kids Bed is an inflatable bed on which children can lie flat and sleep on an aeroplane. It can be inflated with a hand pump within 90 seconds and is compatible with any aircraft seat in the economy class, without blocking access to life vests, air vents or similar equipment. Thanks to an emergency pressure relief valve, air is automatically released if cabin pressure falls. The surface is wipeable and also grooved so that toys cannot roll off.


Statement by the Red Dot Jury:

The Flyaway Kids Bed is based on a clever idea: making the time spent on longer flights more pleasant for children and parents.


And the airlines love it too!

Flyaway Kids Bed has been independently assessed by over 20 Cabin Safety Managers and Airline Engineers and is accepted on over 50 major international airlines including Singapore Airlines, KLM, Cathay Pacific, JAL, Etihad… (Click to discover all airlines).


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